IMPORTANT – Deltek Migration Documents

Timesheet Entry_Approval Training

Expense Reports Training

Timesheet Addendum for KYIL

Atlas, our ERP software where you enter your timesheet and expense sheet, is changing on February 19 to Deltek Vantagepoint!

The week of February 14, your timesheet and expense sheet will be due at midnight, Thursday, February 18.   You will need to estimate your Friday and Saturday time and include this on your timesheet when you submit.  Be sure to communicate to your department admin staff by Saturday’s deadline if you need to adjust the hours that you estimated for Friday and Saturday.  PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOU OVER OR UNDERESTIMATED YOUR TIME, the change will be included on your March 12 paycheck.

Suzy Morris will be offering Vantagepoint Timesheet & Expense sheet training sessions and will be sending out TEAMS meeting invitations.

February  9 – 1:00 PM CDT

February 16 – 9:00 AM CDT

February 24 – 7:00 AM CDT

Below is a link to a training video for timesheet and expense sheet entry for you to watch.  The video will provide you with an idea of how the software looks different, but the entry is very similar.  Because testing is ongoing, you will not have access to the testing database at this time. I have also attached training documents for the timesheet and expense sheet.

Please take time to watch the video to become familiar with it, read the handouts, and/or attend one of Suzy’s training sessions so you are ready for the migration to Vantagepoint on February 19.

Share Finley – Owncloud Replacement Launched

The new Owncloud replacement is up and running. This new collaboration website is called Share. To navigate to the new site, open your browser and type in in the address bar then hit enter. Instructions for using this site can be found at Share-Finleyusa.

A quick link has also been added to the left navigation bar on the home page and under the IT tab.

Experience & Experience 2 Tab Training

A new document has been posted for Atlas training in the Info Center; Experience & Experience 2 Tabs Training.  The Employee Experience tabs hold information regarding an associate’s education, licenses, memberships, experience and training.  It is important that this information retain up to date so Finley can efficiently respond to RFPs and proposals. View the document here.

Go-NoGo Document Added to Info Center Training

A new document named Go-NoGo Process has been added to the Atlas Training tab under Info Center Training. Below is a description of what the document will be used for. Click the link to view the document.

Go-NoGo Process
The goal of the Go/No-Go process is to provide consistent evaluation that ensures Finley Engineering has a good chance of winning a project and that the project is going to be a successful one for the company. Data can be analyzed and business decisions made based on this evaluation, e.g. expanding services to include new expertise, or licensing a PE in a particular part of the country.

An Update Has Been Made to The Pay Changes Info Center Training Document

The Pay Changes Info Center Training document has been updated on the Info Center Training page. This can be found under the Finley Training Academy drop-down menu, then click Atlas Training, then Info Center Training

Pay Changes Info Center Training
The Pay Changes Info Center in Atlas will now replace the existing paper forms we previously used to process employee payroll related changes. The Pay Changes Info Center will be utilized for pay rate changes such as an increase, decrease or change to salary from hourly, bonus payouts, and other employee related changes.