This spring, the Board of Directors decided on a set of strategic tools to help Finley reach its financial goals. One of these tools is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP will allow Finley to streamline many of the important day-to-day processes across our business units. This will not only boost productivity and work output, it will also reduce operating and overhead expenses.

We already own an ERP system, Vision. We are currently only utilizing a few modules individually, such as CRM and Accounting. Vision is capable of so much more when all of the modules are integrated together. Through process improvements, data definition and training we can take full advantage of Vision’s ERP functionality.

To begin, I put together a cross-functional team, myself included, representing the different offices at Finley to come together and begin working towards this goal. We are working with an outside consultant familiar with ERP and Vision. We have had three successful and productive meetings already and have two more scheduled for 2015.

The ERP Core Team is made up of:

Ann Curtis, Executive Assistant, Lexington

Renee Eslinger, Office Manager, Bismarck

Andy Heins, Sr. Consultant Strategy & Operations, LBB

Gary Horner, OSP Manager, Bismarck

Ben Humphrey, Vice President Operations & Chairman of the Board, Slayton

Alyce Johnson, Executive Assistant, Minneapolis

Charles Nichols, Operations Manager, Altoona

Barb Ostrander, Director of Marketing, Minneapolis

Julie Rieder, Executive Assistant, Lamar Energy

Belinda Rutledge, Executive Logistics Manager, Lamar

Steve Senne, CTO & Vice President Technology & IT, Des Moines

Rae Storm, Executive Assistant, Slayton

Jeff Swan, Vice President Operations, Springfield & Lexington

Patti Todd, Human Resource Manager, Lamar

Most importantly, ERP makes it easier for employees at all levels, from the office staff members and project managers to senior managers and executives, to assess company performance and understand its impact on the bottom line. This makes Finley much more able to help everyone quickly identify problems, and take immediate corrective action.

What we quickly learned as we delved into this project is Finley Engineering has multiple processes for getting things done that vary from one location to another. Those processes ranged from very simple to very complex. In some cases the processes are confusing at best. It is obvious that if we don’t correct these processes we cannot scale the company and grow our business.

To work towards a common goal, we need a clear mission that we all agree is in line with the Board directive and will guide and focus our efforts for the betterment of Finley Engineering.

That Mission is:

Charting the course for the future of OneFinley.

The future of OneFinley is growth through:

Personal Accountability
To achieve this goal we are re-evaluating our culture and process.

The Future is NOW.

As the Mission above indicates we are re-evaluating our culture along with our processes. As a result of that re-evaluation there will be change. Change is always difficult. I am confident that the implementation of Vision as our ERP system will enable OneFinley to reach its strategic and financial goals.

You will continue to receive communications, updates and information regarding upcoming process changes from me and members of the ERP Core Team. If you have questions or ideas on how we can improve our processes please feel free to contact any one of us.

As always I appreciate your hard work and dedication to OneFinley.



Michael G. Boehne

President & CEO